Our Goals

Create a seamless, branded experience to track all office visitors and legal agreements.

Our Process

We worked side by side with multiple DOMO teams to design, develop and deploy a custom solution.

Our Results

Thousands of visits documented, legal files secured, and visitors impressed.

Our Goals

In time for a fast approaching board meeting, create a better experience for tracking office visitors while providing a unique brand experience.

I just want to express my appreciation for the work you’ve done so far, and for your dedication to this project. You’ve shown a great deal of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Thanks for the passion and drive you’re bringing! Keep it up!

Jared Cook, Senior Director (of Solutions and Customer Strategy), Domo

Our Process

Make reading and signing legal documents, easy and fun.

Using the front facing camera to immediately engage users created curiosity and made using the application immediately entertaining.

Simple design elements and heavy branding added value to an experience that traditionally felt boring and tedious.

Once a user was approved and checked in, the app continued to build the brand by highlighting company milestones and interesting facts.

The Results

No time was wasted, and no opportunity to impress and engage with visitors was lost. In the end everyone from the board and CEO, to the front desk staff operating the app loved it.

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